An original birthday gift


An original birthday gift

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  • Made in Italy
  • A Chianti Classico DOCG
  • An original gift idea


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A loved one’s birthday is a special occasion that deserves a special gesture. Every year you repeat the same story. The birthday is approaching and you still haven’t found a suitable gift. You want something original and unique. We have the right idea to surprise someone you love with a gesture that can leave it’s mark. For an original birthday present we have designed several packages of wine with a personalized label. A bottle or a package that includes several wines and products from our farm, customized to your liking, depending on the tastes of the person to whom it is intended.


A special photo that shows you both, or an image that reflects his greatest passion; on the label you can insert what you prefer, even phrases for effect to make the gift even more appealing. You can deliver the package directly to the guest of honor, a surprise that won’t go unnoticed. No need to spend the afternoons in shops, looking for a gift that satisfies the tastes. We are the ones who offer you a unique taste, the one of our Chianti Classico with a guaranteed designation of origin, a brand that ensures the care with which it is carried out and the geographical origin of a territory inextricably linked to the cultivation of quality grapes.


Our wine is produced by hand, with the dedication and passion of those who love the genuine products of the earth. The Agricola Matteoli is characterized by a limited exclusively to production. Over the years we have worked so hard to deliver to evaluators of traditional food and wine the best of our precious land.


A bright red wine, by floral notes, perfect with a celebration lunch and to remain in the memory of those who receive it. We offer bottles of different vintages and other products of our company, as a “vin santo” or olive oil, in fine fir wood packaging. To the care of the product you add your personal sign that you can personally choose, creating an unique custom label that we will print ourselves and affix on the bottles.


We also created the programs "adopt a line" or "adopt a vine," packages that contain the best of our production, with the adoption registered certificate which will show the name of the "recipient". An experience that will allow those who receive the gift to come to assist directly to the production steps, such as the grape harvest and the racking. The program includes other benefits such as a discount for a lunch at a restaurant near the winery and more.


An original birthday gift, which remains over time, grows with our vines and gives intense emotions.


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