Adopt an olive tree


  • N°1 x 3 lt. extra virgin olive oil can obtained from the next harvest of november. You may collect it at the farmhouse directly or receive it at home starting from January.
  • - A numbered certificate of adoption of the olive tree you adopted with your name as the "Buyer” and the one of the "Beneficiary”, which is the person who will receive it as a gift.
  • Ongoing updates and reports about the different steps of the process, from the olive harvest to the pressing.
  • - You may choose to customize the label of the 3 lt. can.
  • - In addition, for those who purchase the gold edition: n°1 0,5 lt. bottle of extra virgin olive oil withoutshipping charges for deliveries in Italy.

Adopt an olive tree, live in first person, the delicate and meticulous work necessary for the production of the famous Tuscan oil. An experience that is not forgotten, a gift capable of giving intense emotions surrounded by the magnificent and suggestive Chianti countryside.

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